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About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Pip Gillespie living in gorgeous Wanaka. If you’re like me, you love a great glass of vino (or a tipple of your choice) with a platter filled with your favourite food – cheese, crackers, bread and produce from home, the apple tree or from your efforts in the kitchen or that fresh produce you just bought at the local weekly market. 

What + the Process

We’re working with vineyards to recycle and not waste the barrels because they don’t get used a second time.  Why send them to landfill, when beauty can be made from them – like our platters in different shapes and sizes, candle holders and homeware?  To have things reused and reducing waste is awesome to be part of. I know you too will be proud to be caring for the environment and our resources in his way, not to mention supporting local and home-grown!

The whole barrel is used.  Even the steel straps are made into art creations as well – garden art, for example.  All our products too are stamped with the seal of Registered Trademark Central Otago antique tag which complements the look and feel of the creation and also speaks of our Central Otago pride and passion.

When we take a barrel and we break it down, it’s like opening a surprise!  When we take off the outside of the barrel and see what’s inside and see the thickness of the staves and the markings on the word, the barrel tells us what to make from it.  It’s like it knows, and it has its own little story and its own little characteristics, and we give it a new life by glueing the staves together, clamping them in place and once dried, we cut, sand and oil it.

What’s exciting is the different features in our wooden creations that emerge because of the cask they’ve come out of. They are all imperfect.  Some have more tannins in them so they have more colour.  Some are blonder because of the wine they have used in them.  And they’re covered with linseed oil, so it smells amazing – earthy, natural and oily.

Where + Markets + Online

It’s super-convenient for you! Come say hello at the markets, or if you can’t be there, you can shop online or make contact with me through email or phone, as no matter what way we meet, I’d be delighted to describe the unique characteristics and story of the piece you are choosing.

Most weekends from Spring to Autumn, you’ll find me at a market around the Central Otago region and we’ll instantly be talking like long-lost friends. Pop by, share a yarn and get a feel for which piece “calls you.”

• Saturdays – Remarkables Market – Queenstown
• Sundays – Cromwell Farmers Market
• Sundays – Wanaka Market
• Geraldine Country Fete
• Wanaka Annual Wine Festival
• Clyde Annual Food and Wine Festival
• Wanaka A&P Show
• Christchurch A&P Show
• Cromwell Annual Festive Fete Market
• Cromwell Spring Market
• Lake Hayes A&P Show

Or if you’re not in the neighbourhood, or overseas and can’t wait to enjoy some Kiwi rustic goodness, it’s easy to shop here!

Who + my hero + my legacy + my people

Ooh, that linseed smell makes me tingle. It sticks to my nostrils and makes my hair stand on end and brings back some lovely memories of going to dad’s woodshed. I loved that man because he was so big, strong and actually, he was my hero. Isn’t it incredible how textures, smells and beauty can bring back those fond memories?

The creation you buy will also bring with it memories, but will be at future occasions that you’ll continue to talk about and remember fondly.

I cherished going into dad’s shed to potter. Wow, what a privilege to now be pottering – making something special – and my legacy is also now including my kids who are stacking shelves, labelling, packaging and handcrafting.

I love the company of:

• the local Central Otago vineyard growers
• the man whose teaching me this craft
• market-goers
• women and families
• hospitality providers
• luxury lodge owners
• my own family and friends who are dear to my heart

Let’s connect!